Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's Make This Official

Flicker is still a bit twitchy when she reacts to quick movement, especially if you stand up quickly from a squat, but she's coming around. We left her alone for a few hours today and she was perfect. Her reaction to the cat is exactly what we want, passive disinterest, and she's a happy dog who wakes up with her tail wagging and a playful "Ooo, I've gotta pee" spring in her step.

She likes her food, but she hasn't tried counter surfing - even in circumstances you'd think a hungry dog would find irresistible. It's nice to see a dog with an appetite. This is their breakfast leftovers: can you guess which is hers?

She loves the yard, and Sallie is enjoying a foraging partner. It's funny, they're like a couple of cows grazing side by side. Sallie used to do the same thing with Roadie. In fact, she was acting like Roadie today, barking and play-bowing to get Flicker wound up. Flicker wouldn't take the bait.

I didn't catch exactly what she was doing here through the viewfinder. She may have just been shaking her head, but it looks suspiciously like a head-butt...

Of course they're still getting to know each other and feeling each other out. They aren't even on the same kibble yet, which they seem to have figured out...

She still doesn't trust the patio door. She hit it like a gong once when she thought it was open, and now she hesitates, then sprints through it. Trying to stop her to clean the mud off her feet is like a trying to stop a fullback exploding through a hole. Well, the carpet sucks anyway. She's learning fast. We haven't muzzled her around the cat in days, and she's starting to return the trust.

She doesn't bear much weight on her damaged leg, and kind of holds it out to the side when she's standing. We're not sure how much it affects her gait, or if it hurts her. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, and she does run - fast. I found video of her last race, which is presumably when she did it since she was a D.N.F., but there wasn't an obvious fall or collision; she just slowed suddenly and dropped out of the picture.

We talked about it tonight, and we think she is definitely a failed foster. We're ready to "chip" again. We'll be sending you a note soon to make it official, Debbie and Kristen!

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gyeong said...

Awesome! Glad the girls are getting along. I'm sure they'll settle into a routine in no time.

Debbie said...

I couldn't be happier!!! Flicker is one lucky girl. Congrats!

Michelle said...

Congrats! She is beautiful. :)